1. Don't invest in explicitly haram things

For this, a Muslim will need to determine where he or she is actually investing. For example, in the financial markets, the term "sinful stocks" refers to stocks in a company that is associated with (or directly involved in) activities considered unethical or immoral. This includes porn, gambling, and tobacco stocks (which are also halal stocks). Although they may present investors with an ethical dilemma, these companies provide investors with relatively stable returns in both good and bad times. Consequently, a Muslim may unknowingly invest in a company or fund that has a portion of its investments in so-called sinful stocks. Dahab Alealam excludes questionable investments, as the idea of the whole project stretches red line through beneficence and improvement of the world. Every step of Dahab is designed to make life easier for the modern man and excludes intentional harm or gain.