DAHAB DEX for swapping halal crypto

DAHAB DEX is the world's first DeFi exchange for swapping cryptocurrency that complies with all Islamic law. This allows millions of Muslims who are interested in crypto investing to buy and sell cryptocurrency without wasting time researching these assets for haram or halal (whether the cryptocurrency is banned or allowed).
DAHAB DEX moderators thoroughly research and vet each crypto asset before listing. The selection of candidates for listing goes through several stages to fully examine the crypto project for absolute absence of haram: riba (baseless interest), harrar (insecurity), maysir (signs of gambling), sinful assets (involvement in porn, intentional harm, cheating and speculation).
Careful vetting of crypto assets before listing on DAHAB DEX will first and foremost keep Muslims from unknowingly investing in forbidden assets. Any willing investor can be 100% sure that by using DeFi exchange DAHAB DEX, he invests his money in truly halal projects that bring good intentions to the world, develop in accordance with the approved strategy, and have proven their sustainability in the digital market.
A side benefit of this strict selection of crypto projects is additional confidence in the investment. As practice shows, by investing in fully halal projects, you have a better chance of making a profit even in an unstable global market. So all DAHAB DEX investors will get an advantage on the investment market, because the DAHAB team has already selected for them the most promising projects with no additional risks.
Besides usual purchase/sale of crypto assets, DAHAB DEX users also get additional instruments to earn and influence market: Staking with possibility to earn up to 200% APR for crypto assets with Proof of Stake technology; Farming with possibility to earn money by providing liquidity to trading pairs; voting inside the project.