Save money in your DAHAB account

The advantages of Web3 technology over traditional banking systems are obvious. If you save a large amount of money in the bank, rest assured that you don't have full access to your assets. Only 10% of all money in the possession of the bank is available, the other 90% is only on paper, but in reality it has been given out as loans. That is why Islamic law is categorically against the modern banking system. In addition, the bank needs a service of hundreds of employees to service your accounts, so the cost of preserving your funds will cost you dearly. Don't rule out the human factor that could accidentally or intentionally block your accounts.
Web3 technology or the crypto economy solves these problems with one fundamental principle - decentralization through blockchain. All your assets are completely under your control, located in a digital accounting system that cannot be hacked or edited unless the person himself or herself grants access to his or her account. So you can safely keep as much money as you want in your DAHAB account and have access to it 24/7 from anywhere in the world.