2. Avoid usury (unreasonable interest)

If the underlying asset and industry are Shariah-compliant, the next point to consider is the structure of the investment contract. Does it include usury-free interest (riba)? Bonds or tokens/coins in the digital economy are an example of a known interest-bearing investment. If you lend money to a person or project while demanding repayment with interest on top of the debt, that's definitely riba. But if you participate in a common cause and share responsibility for the idea/project/startup with partners, it is a collective business. Shared employment over one business is not forbidden by the Qur'an. Dahab is a common business only multiplied globally. Everyone involved has responsibility for the development of the project, equal to their investment and as a consequence, equal shares of the reward for participation and development of the project. And modern blockchain technology makes it possible to record each participant's participation and share of responsibility in the project.