If you bought strawberries for yourself to enjoy the ripe berries, there is nothing forbidden from the point of view of Islamic faith - you did not harm anyone, on the contrary, you helped the seller with money and satisfied your desire for delicious halal food.
But a similar situation can have another outcome. When you buy strawberries from one seller, and then you stand behind the neighboring stall and sell the berries to the same passersby, but at a higher price. In Islam and around the world, this is called usury and it is 100% haram.
Now look at the third situation, which revolves around the same strawberries. You are standing in the market selling strawberries along with other berry sellers. Except you didn't buy the fruit, you grew it on your own plot of land. Once you have agreed with the farmers to divide a large area of land into smaller plots, you have bought the right to own this land and now you grow fruits and berries, which you enjoy yourself, and you sell the excess in the market. Such actions are only encouraged by the Qur'an and have no forbidding interpretations.
These simple inferences fully describe the attitude of modern Muslims toward cryptocurrency, digital finance and assets. Many believers who are unsure about the permissibility of crypto-finance want to hear explicit approval of these technologies in scripture. But we must understand that the Prophet Muhammad lived in very different times and could not have described all of humanity's future achievements. But Allah is great because he gave us methods of determining haram and halal that work after many centuries and will always be relevant.
The whole project Dahab Alealam is the result of not only technical and intellectual work. For 2 years the Dahab team investigated the question of permissibility of using crypto assets in the life of modern Muslims. We spent thousands of hours on the study of holy scriptures, hundreds of hours of dialogues with Islamic scholars and financiers. This is how the DHB team reached the unequivocal truth and implemented it in the Dahab Alealam project.
Dahab's mission is to create the first and unique digital financial product of its kind, which at a fundamental level incorporates and takes into account all interpretations of a tool permitted by Islamic law for sharing, earning and creating new products. In simple words: we have given our all so that every Muslim on the planet could use cryptocurrency without fear of being in the forbidden zone.