DAHAB App features

Life on the Internet is becoming more transparent every day. Gone are the days when a person online was faceless. Facebook gave us the opportunity to show our real name and face. And the era of LinkedIn has put a stop to the personalization of the digital persona. People are becoming comfortable being themselves online, both socially and financially. As we enter the era of the crypto economy, we have to realize that soon the whole crypto sector will also lose its concerns, people are already using crypto assets to pay for everyday goods and services. Therefore, the DAHAB App simply puts a logical point over the digital evolution of humans.
Use the DAHAB App to create your digital financial identity and openly use your funds in the new digital era. The main advantage of this app is the incorporation of crypto technology into traditional financial services. Along with a personal account, you get a wallet with multiple cryptocurrency accounts, as well as a virtual bank card with the ability to deposit and withdraw funds.