Major Muslim Crypto Asset

DAHAB Alealam is a global digital ecosystem combining technologies and applications for a complete financial life of a modern person in accordance with the principles of halal. Dahab allows you to invest and earn, store and accumulate your money, and pay for goods and services using cryptocurrencies across borders.
Just as PayPal revolutionized financial services in 1998, DAHAB is ready to repeat this technological revolution in 2022 with even greater ambitions. This service makes available not only transfers of funds to almost every country in the world, but also the ability to invest and make everyday payments from one device literally on the go. The project's asset under the eponymous name Dahab (DHB) allows everyone on the planet to participate in the development of the product even at an early stage and earn a profit for participating.
The DAHAB App service is your digital financial identity, your avatar in the world of digital services. Create your account in the Dahab App, get a personal crypto wallet and a virtual bank card, connect the services you need and manage your assets with the swipe of a finger. You actually get a financial social network, where none of the participants hide their identity and can freely manage their funds in a Web3 technology environment.
The DHB token connects inventive solutions with human values - enabling everyone, including Muslims, to participate honestly in today's financial world. Dahab becomes the first full-fledged open-source platform with Islamic confessional principles on which anyone can build a financial instrument / payment / exchange / accounting tool without fear of falling into haram territory. Dahab Alealam provides an open workspace for creating new digital products in accordance with Islamic law and Shariah principles.
DHB's ecosystem runs on a pre-mined BEP20 token, which provides fast transactions and does not require mining. A personal wallet will be created to store your tokens. There is no time limit on how long money can be stored in the wallet, as withdrawals can be made at any time. DAHAB offers many benefits through technological financial solutions.