DHB token for the DAHAB ecosystem

The Dahab ecosystem needs to be seamlessly maintained, accounted for and integrated into the next generation digital economy. DHB token smart contract technology, which was created exclusively to support and maintain Dahab Alealam's unique products, helps meet these challenges.
DHB token is initially pumped with the BSC BEP20 protocol, which is one of the world's leading tokens at the moment due to its high security, fast request processing, and low cost of smart contract maintenance. This technology enables the development and support of core Dahab project products, such as the unique DEX and mobile application, as well as the introduction of additional spin-off products into the ecosystem, such as payment services for traditional banking products or NFT development and distribution.
Upon reaching the first global development point of the Dahab ecosystem, which will come immediately after the distribution of 7.5% of DHB tokens in early distribution to investors, token holders will be able to use it to take advantage on the original Dahab services, an investment tool within the ecosystem, an asset exchange tool, and a voting tool within the community.
Service token for Dahab DEX
The DHB token was originally created to serve a smart contract and absolute accounting within the Dahab ecosystem. This allows the Dahab Alealam project to launch the DAHAB DEX service, the world's first decentralized exchange for exchanging tokens that fully comply with the halal status for Muslim users.
DHB token on DAHAB DEX performs the main function of exchange between available crypto pairs: if a holder wants to exchange BUSD token for SOL token, he must pay a fee for this transaction exclusively in DHB token. In this way, users ensure the full and smooth operation of the DEX exchanger and Dahab's indirect products.
Simplifying exchange fees to a single DHB token automatically reduces fees for all DAHAB DEX users. For example, when standard DEX exchanges like PancakeSwap allow you to pay commission in two tokens (personal token and BNB), the standard commission becomes 0.25% per transaction, and the special commission in such a case is 0.19%.
The only commission in the form of DHB allows for a reduction to 0.2%. In this case 0.14% is sent to users who added their coins to the liquidity pool, 0.04% is sent to DHB redemption and only 0.02% is earned by DAHAB DEX. This cap will allow the DAHAB ecosystem to be fully serviced as well as provide rewards to liquidity providers at a level no lower than that of standard DEX. The second argument in favor of this solution is the constant circulation of the DHB token, which will allow the asset to always remain in high positions in the market of digital assets.
Loyalty Rewards
Dahab Alealam is designed to reward users for loyalty. In other words, every member of Dahab has the opportunity to receive additional profits for helping to develop the project and ecosystem.
Unlike Centralized Exchanges, where all moral and material responsibility is on particular people or companies, Decentralized Exchanges such as DAHAB DEX use automatic liquidity management (AMM) protocols. This makes failures or accidents due to human factors impossible. Thus any user is entitled to add liquidity to the DAHAB DEX project and receive returns from the first second of signing a smart contract. This is a kind of lending of their assets for the development of the project, for which the project automatically pays all users remuneration in the form of DHB token.
By providing liquidity, the user gets rewarded in the form of trading fees when people use your liquidity pool. Every time someone trades on DAHAB DEX, the user pays a commission of 0.2% of which 0.14% is given to the liquidity provider as a reward. More transactions means more commission for the liquidity provider. This type of earning is called Farming.
The second option of additional earnings for DHB holders is Staking. The user demonstrates his trust in the project by locking his DHB assets for a period of 3 to 12 months. Thus, part of the assets of DHB go out of turnover, making the project attractive to other investors. For this, the user receives up to 100% APR.
Service token for the DAHAB App
The implementation of the first version of the DAHAB App product is already planned for 2024. This mobile app will make the introduction of crypto into the world of traditional financial services available. DAHAB App is more than mobile banking, it is more than a social network, it is more than an investment app. With the help of crypto you will be able to make regular payments of usual services like Netflix or Spotify, convert cryptocurrency into fiat, make international transactions and get additional profit from investments in DAHAB. To fully operate and maintain our app, it will introduce commissions and subscriptions through fees in the form of DHB token.
Internal transactions of any available cryptocurrency will be available due to the commission fee of 0.3% of the transaction amount. The fee is reduced to 0.2% if it is a DHB token transaction.
To pay for regular services like YouTube Music, Steam or even Uber using crypto, the user will need to make an automatic conversion from crypto to fiat currency of the country the user chooses. A virtual bank card of our partner payment service is used for automatic conversion. Cryptocurrency conversion to pay for fiat transactions is done only with DHB token and commission for this transaction is 0.8%.
DAHAB App has common features with the social network. By default, the user gets an open profile, which is available for viewing by name request or your contacts that you added earlier. By signing up for a monthly subscription on the internal DAHAB App service, you can set up several levels of anonymity for your profile: a closed account for unknown users, a closed account for your contacts, a completely invisible account except for users on your whitelist. The cost of subscription will be determined during early testing of the app.
So you can notice that the Dahab Alealam ecosystem is fully decentralized and autonomous, it is able to provide maximum protection, the financial strategy is not just designed for autonomous operation, but also for earliest profit for the project and for users, and the digital capabilities are designed to enhance the ecosystem with spin-off profitable products. Therefore, when investing in Dahab, you can be sure of multiplying your profits as early as 2022.