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4. Avoid maysir (gambling)

The last fundamental issue to consider is maysir (gambling) . Maysir comes from the Arabic root verb yasara, which means "happy accident" or "the ease of obtaining something of value without earning it. The Qur'an explicitly condemns and forbids gambling: O you who believe! Wine, gambling, altars, and fortune-telling arrows are filth invented by Satan. Therefore refrain from it, that you may be successful" (5:90). Satan wishes only to sow enmity and malice among you through wine and gambling and to turn you away from the remembrance of Allah and from namaz. Would you then abstain? (5:91). Dahab is also emphatic about gambling and easy money. Some Islamic scholars argue that trading is a form of gambling, omitting the fact that trading has existed for centuries as a professional mathematical solution for calculating and predicting outcomes based on causal factors. The Dahab Alealam team ultimately agreed with the wise Islamic teachers that, for the most part, trading is a mindless, impulsive decision that fits the definition of maysir. Therefore, we urge Muslims to abandon the methodology of trading and concentrate on the methodology better known as "Hodl. Long-term investments are not haram like investing in gold, which is why the project is called Dahab Alealam (gold of the world).

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