Benefits of Dahab Alealam (DHB)

DAHAB is the main platform for modern financial solutions, built on the good principles of Islamic law and Shariah. DHB's capabilities allow digital solutions to be incorporated into any halal digital product in order to improve it. Whether it is a payment system for transferring funds to other countries or payment and optimization of entertainment or social services.
From the very beginning of its existence in the public space, the Dahab project has offered its users a wide range of autonomous financial solutions. Benefit from the personalized features of DHB:
  • Send funds worldwide without bank agreements quickly and with virtually no fees;
  • exchange digital assets on available platforms;
  • earn a steady percentage of profit for participating in the development of the project;
  • cross borders and have access to assets without declarations and bureaucracy;
  • Keep your money in a safe place without fear of theft;
  • Create new digital financial products based on Dahab tech
While most crypto projects rely on high volatility, Dahab focuses on the relative stability of the DHB asset, similar to gold price formation (gold rises in value every year and can be used as an asset). This is achieved by encouraging a long-term investment relationship on the part of the project participants.
The holder of DHB receives guarantees to participate in the distribution of profits of the project DAHAB. Having received his participation fee, he can dispose of the profits himself: sell, exchange, or keep the asset for future use.
Think of the analogy with strawberries - exactly the same situation happens when you invest in DAHAB. Your investment is distributed among investors and liquidity providers in a project that bears fruit - real capitalization against the background of the development of the internal and external infrastructure of DAHAB.
Dahab Alealam will become for Muslims an effective guide between existing financial services and crypto technologies. You can easily pay for international entertainment services such as Netflix, Steam, YouTube Music and others. Our technology can replace outdated money transfer services such as Western Union or IBAN technology and will even become a competitor to PayPal.