Exchange listing

After the initial distribution of DHB assets (also known as TokenSale), the Dahab project will seek a listing on the main crypto exchanges of the planet. And although opponents of cryptocurrency among Muslims may voice their displeasure: once on a cryptocurrency exchange, the token will 100% face such a phenomenon as trading - but the Dahab team has also studied the issue fundamentally and has a valid argument for listing.
First and foremost, the Dahab Alealam project will seek to be added to the best exchanges in the world in order to get a real valuation of the whole project - the marketing capitalization. It is the capitalization that determines the real market value of the project in the global market of digital assets. This is how professional financiers have determined that Apple is worth $2,700B, Tesla is worth $850B, Visa Inc. - $480B. The market value of a company is determined by a simple formula: the number of bonds/shares/tokens is multiplied by the current value of that individual item. The higher the demand for bonds/shares/tokens, the more expensive the entire company is valued.
That's why listing on major global exchanges such as Coinbase, FTX, Binance, Bitfinex and others is vital for the global development of Dahab Alealam's Main Muslim Crypto Asset. As for trading the DHB asset - it is a personal decision of each investor within the Dahab system. We, in turn, strongly advise to use DHB assets only as a tool for long-term investment, not prohibited by Islamic law.
That is why the Dahab team offers its investors at the very start of the development of the project the option of a stable remuneration for filling the liquidity of the project. You invest in the project Dahab and get the opportunity to fix your asset for 6 / 9 / 12 months with the corresponding interest rewards for participation in the project. This way, you as a Muslim deliberately limit yourself from the temptation to speculate on the price of the asset and fall into sin. And we, as a company that exclusively focuses on the rules of Shariah, justify the status of a halal investment project.